Thursday, August 09, 2012

AZ Kosher, Phoenix

This past visit to Phoenix, AZ, I ate fine.  Although I wasn't staying in a kosher home, I had a pot, cutting board and knife to use to prepare my own food.  First thing of course was a shopping expedition.  I was able to find all of the fruits, vegetables and some certified kosher vegetable* patties in the supermarkets I needed.  Kosher dish soap and olive oil weren't problems either.  I generally cooked myself all the meals I needed to eat.

I ate one meal out.  It was "Mexican day" at the  King Solomon's Pizza place.  Is that an  only in Phoenix custom?

The food was good and a nice break from my homemade fare.  I should have asked for extra salad instead of the rice.  Since they don't serve coffee, I went to my friend's house for some afterwards.

*PS I as in Phoenix during the "Nine Days" when one doesn't eat.


Anonymous said...

I visited the area this summer, and there is a really good dairy cafe in Scottsdale too (about 20 min away)

Eliyahu S. said...

Glad to know King Solomon's is still open. It's been about ten years now.

And I'm not surprised that the savvy brothers who opened it have diversified the menu somewhat.

Batya said...

a, are you referring to Mozart? I ate there last year. It's excellent.

Eliyahu, it's good that it has food not just pizza. Two years ago I had salmon there.

Sarah Likes Green said...

a lot of the kosher pizza shops here in LA have mexican food on the menu. but all the time, not just one day a week or whatever.
(good pizza there, we stopped on our drive back from flagstaff.)

Batya said...

Sarah, I'm a salad eater. I can't remember the last time I had pizza. No doubt they only serve it certain days because their potential market is small.