Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blogging About The Kids

Some of you must think me an awful photographer.  When I post pictures of my kids and grandkids, you can't see their faces clearly.

Actually, unless you know them and know they are mine, you'd have an awfully hard, hopefully impossible, time recognizing them.

I must confess.  I do that on purpose.

My family does not want to be recognized as mine.  I don't take offense at it.  They grew up with reporters, tv crews etc in the house.  For some strange reason our living in Shiloh was considered newsworthy, and journalists and diplomats etc have been going out of their way, all the way to Shiloh to ask us why we're here, will we attack the police and other deep earth-shaking questions.

I'm sure you believe me that I do take great pictures of the kids and grandkids in which you can see their smiles and the color of their eyes.  But I reserve those pictures for the family and close friends.


A Soldier's Mother said...

I have the same thing. My daughter is adamant that she does not want a picture of her son on the Internet - in desperation to show I have a beautiful grandson, I posted a picture of his hand...I have another I want to post of his foot. That's the extent of what I can post on him. I do post other pictures of my kids...but reluctantly at first and never when they were at a very young age. And, as we "only" live in Maale Adumim, whatever outside experiences I have, have always remained outside our home. A few times, while walking with Elie, someone will say something like "you're a soldier's mother, aren't you?" and then turn to Elie and say, "you're the soldier, right?" Kind of cute to see the look Elie gives me when that happens!

Sharon Katz said...

My children also frown upon me evening mentioning them by name in one of my blogs or Voices articles. The only one who cuts me any slack is my daughter, Bati. There, I mentioned her name - Bati.
She, like her siblings, has grown up in the home of a media mom. But she's been on stage with me, danced with me, acted as photographer for my projects, and she's been "cool" enough to pose as my model too.
It's hard to grow up with a mother whose fingers are on the keyboard all the time, so we've got to cut them some slack and understand. :)

Batya said...

ASM, it must be even more complex for your family, since your blog revolves around the soldier boys. You can model your photos on mine. I think it's clear that my grandkids are stunning from the pictures, even though the details are hidden.

Voices, you're lucky Bati is your girl...

Anonymous said...

thank u

Batya said...

a, glad you approve