Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raining on the Edon Pinchot Parade

I finally looked/listened to the America's Got Talent Edon Pinchot,  who's this season's gimmick.  I wasn't impressed, not one iota.

Of course it's easier to join the crowd and say he's amazing, but he isn't.  His voice is ordinary, at least in this song.  There's no range.  And it's not an appropriate song for a religious kid, nor is all of the talk of girlfriends etc.

I kept thinking of Susan Boyle who had wowed the world a couple of years ago with her totally amazing voice and very plain appearance.  After a rough start she has been making a career for herself.  She's a middle-aged woman.

Edon Pinchot is just a kid.  From the looks of him, his voice may change drastically in the future.  I don't think that the big stage is the place for him.

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