Monday, August 20, 2012

Twice in a Day, Plus HH News

I'll start with the latest Havel Havelim which is at An Aspiring Mekubal, who has been extremely generous with his time in hosting the longest running blog carnival, a weekly round-up of blog posts on Jewish and Israeli themes, the one and only Havel Havelim...  More news about HH.  I'll be hosting next week's to give him a break.  Havel Havelim is coordinated on our facebook page. Send me your posts via fb message or email.

Now, what did I do twice yesterday?  It's something I consider myself lucky enough if I do it once, and many people don't get to do at all.



guess, nu?

I went to the pool, yes, twice, and no, not the same pool.

First I went to my local pool, pretty early, just after 7:30 and not for long.  It was Rosh Chodesh, and I had to get ready to go to Tel Shiloh for Women's Rosh Chodesh Prayers.  I figured that 15-20 minutes in the water were certainly better than none.  And I was right.  When am I not right?

Later on, after an inspiring time at Tel Shiloh, led by Miryam Blum, I put on a "different hat."  I took the bus to Ofra as Savta, Grannie.  I took my granddaughters to their local pool.  The older ones generally go by themselves after finishing their "swimming course."  But for the almost two year old to go, she needs full time assistance.  There's no wading pool in Ofra.  It's one pool going from shallow to deep, ok, deeper.  After holding the little one a bit, we put her in a "floating ring" of sorts and she considered herself swimming like her sisters.

When she had enough, she told me, and we sat on the lawn in the sun until I decided that we had been out enough, and I took her back to my daughter. 

Experts say that just walking in the water is good exercise, so I'll consider that second time in the pool as good, not just fun, too.

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