Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cheesecake Recipe, I Made a Deal!

Tonight is the Shavuot holiday when many Jews eat dairy foods.  For some people having cheesecake and blintzes is a requirement like the matzah and four cups of wine at the Passover Seder.

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A neighbor had been tempting me about how irresistible her cheesecake is.  Honestly, I'm not into baking cheesecake.  I used to make one which I got from my blender's cookbook, but the blender-a gift from my in-laws in 1972- has long died.  Also, it's just my husband and I living at home.  We're expecting one guest for one meal; the other meal we're eating at neighbors.  So, considering that neither of us need tempting calorie-laden food in the house, the idea of baking a super delicious cheesecake is... not on the menu.

My neighbor even sent me the recipe, which requires beating egg whites. 

Cheesecake recipe:
1) 2 yolks
1/4 margarine
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup flour
Mix and put in oven for 10 minutes 180C - 200C
2) 500gm 5% white cheese
2 yolks
1/2 cup sugar
2 sugar vanilla
+ beaten 4 egg whites
Pour #2 onto #1 and put into oven for 30 minutes 125C -150C
Finish: 2 sour creams + 1/4 cup sugar
Pour on top and another 10 minutes in oven. Leave until getting cold in oven.
When I bake a cake I do it simply, like with a bowl and a spoon.  My mixer is with the blender in kitchen gadget heaven, yes, along with the old-fashioned hand eggbeater.  I did find a whisk in the draw, which one of my sons had once bought to use before he rented his own place, but I just can't imagine straining my arm muscles just to get those egg whites all white and fluffy.

So, I made her an offer she couldn't refuse. 
"I'll give you a small disposable baking pan.  You make me a small cheesecake, and then within the next couple of weeks, I'll make you vegetable soup."

Of course she agreed, Baruch Hashem, she and her husband love my vegetable soups.

Chag Sameach, everyone.  Have a wonderful holiday, and if you try my friend's recipe, please let me know. She says it's a "TNT," always works.


goyisherebbe said...

Cheesecake is nice, but the brunt of Shavuot is Torah. The giving of the Torah is mentioned in the Torah, cheesecake is not.

Batya said...

So true, so that's why I wouldn't bother baking one. Now to make the veggies.