Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shuk/Shuq Shopping, Annoyances

One of the good or bad (best or worst) things about shopping in Jerusalem's open air market, Machaneh Yehuda is its prices. 

Last week I was there wandering around with my granddaughter before taking her to see the JEST performance of "The King and I."  It was Tuesday afternoon and the prices of even the best summer fruits was temptingly low. 

But logic got in the way.  I knew too well that I wouldn't be able to schlepp them safely for hours, so I didn't buy any.  Less than twenty-four 24 hours later I was back raring to shop, and the prices were much higher.  I did buy some fruit but it was hard, ok, actually-impossible to find such prices.  And I did re-trace my steps.

The lesson is that if you really want great bargains, you must choose your shopping days wisely.  The
first half of the week has prices lower than the last half, but they drop extremely low the last couple of hours before Shabbat, because nobody likes to have to store the fresh produce until Sunday.


Yosefa said...

Wow. I had no idea! Except about Friday. Is this all shuks?

Sandra said...

Thanks for that advice. I will remember it next time I am in the Shuk! Which I hope will be soon!!

Batya said...

Yosefa, most probably, but I can't say for sure. Some markets aren't daily. Sandra, Prices also go down every night before closing.