Sunday, May 26, 2013

More From The Jewish Blogging World, Let's All Link Up

Here's another round-up of posts from Jewish blogs.  I don't do this sort of post on a regular schedule, just when I feel like it.  It's not a substitute for Havel Havelim, which now comes out monthly or more frequently depending on volunteers.  Yocheved posted one just a few days ago; please read and share Havel Havelim #407.  More information can be found on our facebook page.

Actually I decided to do another of my "link ups" when I ready lady-light's post,  Happiness is a Choice .  It hit the nail of good living right on the head.

And considering that I had just read the bima ima's latest post about Superman Sam, I knew that I had a jblog roundup to post.

Superman Sam pre-bone marrow transplant with friend who has recovered, bli eyin haraa.
Last week we saw visiting relatives.  One of them suffers from celiac and needs gluten-free food.  Chaviva is our local expert on that.

Rafi's Life in Israel promotes going to the Nachal Chareidi army ceremony to show support.  It's today, Sunday, May 26.

I never quite know where my posts are going to take me, even when I compose the title first, It Takes Guts to Be a Leader.

On Thursday I had to rush out of work to get to Jerusalem before the roads were closed to "protect" United States Secretary of State Kerry. I find it strange that he had no compunctions about eating from a Ramallah shwarma place but considered it dangerous to be on the road with people like myself.  Hat tip: Elder of Zyon.

Here's more of Ben-Zion's adventures as a chief rabbi.  Do his "congregants" read this?

Esser Agaroth's post about today's Golden Calf is a must-read.

Read Paula's update, how Friday saves this busy businesswoman, mother, wife, grandmother, neighborhood activist, blogger and more.

The highlight of last week was taking my eldest granddaughter to her very first real show in Jerusalem.

Considering that it's Sunday and I have a very full and busy week planned... that's it!  Please visit and share.


Lady-Light said...

It didn't even register that you were including my post in your "link-up!" I'm s-l-o-w these days, and didn't catch your 2nd comment on my blog post.
All I can say is, thank you! I am a victim of TMI (Too Much Information), and I rarely get to read posts all the way through-nor do I get to 'clean up' my inboxes of hundreds (no exaggeration here) of unread emails.

Batya said...

LL, darling, I have over 2,000 letters I haven't opened yet...
information overload for sure