Monday, January 06, 2014

JPIX and More Pics

Leora has brought us the latest of the periodic Jewish Picture Blog Carnival aka JPIX.  It has some gorgeous pictures from Jewish blogs all over the world. The highlight for me is seeing my friend Leah's pictures and discovering that she's a great-grandmother already! This picture is from her granddaughter's wedding.

Another of the featured bloggers is Devo aka Pesky Settler.  She lives not far from me and is a very active and supportive to newbies member of 52 frames.

And yet another actual friend of mine, The Real Jerusalem Streets, also has pictures in this JPIX.

Cosmic X also has some great pictures.  Also Toby included some snow pictures.  There's nothing more photogenic than snow.  Is there? OK, babies and Tel Shiloh, too.

Mason's pictures are unusual, and the blog is new to me.  Lorri's blog is one that I do follow. You can find the link on my sidebar.

If you'd like to contribute to JPIX or host an edition, here's the form.  Just click.

And more about 52 frames, which Devo had blogged about. This week's theme/challenge was to shoot a self-portrait.  I really don't like the one I submitted.  It's not flattering. Reactions by those who know me and my family is that I look just like my father.

Well, that's no real surprise, because I've always looked like him. But this one really shows those genes.  I shot the picture in natural light coming from the kitchen window, while standing by the sink.  I very dangerously perched my old and demented Canon A620 on the ledge of a try which stands by the window near the sink.  I turned off the flash, after an earlier shot had awful lighting/shadows,  and turned on the 10 second timer.  I stared into the lens and waited for the timer sound click to go off.

I think I should have used one of the others.

This one is the most unusual, but I thought that in a self-portrait you're supposed to have an easy time finding the subject.

Taken in my daughter's kitchen. I was so impressed by the shine.  I just couldn't resist.


Leora said...

Thanks for the detailed post about JPiX. Interesting about your resemblance to your father and about the difficulties of self-portraits. I've done them in paintings - not easy.

Batya said...

My pleasure.
Painting just isn't my expertise, but since you're good at it you do have more control than I had "shooting myself."