Wednesday, November 02, 2016

"An Ordinary Moment in Jerusalem" for 52Frames

Every week 52Frames has me try to either photograph differently, or of something I may have ignored. For this week I had to shoot "An Ordinary Moment," which I spotted in Jerusalem. There was a time, when the beggars were mostly of the poor, sick pathetic sorts, but of late downtown Jerusalem is full of wonderful and talented musicians, like this one.

"An Ordinary Moment in Jerusalem"
Jerusalem is so extraordinary that even the most "ordinary" moments are special. As I was trying to take out my camera, turn it on and position myself to photograph this street musician, so many people gave him money. But right after I took the picture of the young man, dressed so much like the musician, there was quiet. I took that as the "hint" to make do and shoot elsewhere. Later, as I went through all of those "ordinary moments" I knew that this was the one.
Zion Square is a very popular site for busking, and there's always great music to listen to.

I took some other shots in Jerusalem which I debated about, but in the end I chose the busker.  Did I chose incorrectly?

These are all such Jerusalem scenes. Being street scenes I even got "extra credit."

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