Monday, November 07, 2016

An Advantage of Being Old

Here in Shiloh we have some great "senior citizen" activities that I've never really managed to take advantage of when I was working at Yafiz. Occasionally I'd get to one of the lectures to translate, but I had never gotten to the various crafts workshops which really appeal to me. That is until today.

On Sunday morning there are three different activities, ulpan, exercise and crafts. Thank Gd I don't need the ulpan, but I certainly can use the exercise which is led by an amazing professional who had been a fitness trainer to the stars in her former life. Of course the class is geared to those even less fit than yours truly, but it's an hour long and has great value.

I had really been looking forward to the crafts, which were mosaics yesterday. I had done one a few years ago and found it great fun. I doubt that you'd be surprised to hear that my "work of art" ended up very different from all the others. That large blue piece was my inspiration, and the rest of the picture just somehow followed.

Everyone else did realist types of pictures or very repetitive, symmetric patterns. All the other works of art look pretty, but they are just not me.

As a kid I was never considered "good at art," because I couldn't draw realistically. That's one of the reasons that photography is a great medium for me.

Nu, so what do you think of my mosaic?

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