Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Even More #morningcoffeehaiku

Well, I'm not OCD about it, but I really have been writing coffee haikus on facebook daily, usually illustrated by the day's brew and a sunrise. So, here are some new ones for  #morningcoffeehaiku.

Too dark for coffee
but had to get up early
sorry cam'ra shook

First coffee of week
first sunrise looking good too
enjoy gifts Gd gives

Goodbye morning moon
sun is rising just beyond
drinking my coffee

sunrise is faded
but who cares when coffee's strong?
Thank Gd for caffeine

roses fade not coffee
coffee gives me energy
bottoms up, great day

sipping my coffee
trying to wake myself up
some nights aren't great

sneaking more coffee
French Press much too small for me
need an eight cup one

Best morning view, nu?
Sunrise or mug of coffee?
Tough call. Isn't it?

Up before the dawn
my body got used to it
coffee will be soon

Join us for a mug of energy.

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