Saturday, November 12, 2016

Walking hasn't gotten the Weight Off, but Pictures are Nice

I have been losing the losing battle of late. Three kilos, almost seven pounds have invaded my body and refuse to leave! Sometimes it seems like I've gotten one off, and before I know it, the creep is back. I've been trying to exercise more, eat a bit less, but after almost ten years of dieting...  Yep, I must admit that it's a drag.

I started eating more fruit, citrus, pomegranate and others with lots of Vitamin C. I think that added more sugars, too, which brought back the kilo, yet again.

At least with my new job, which I must blog about, instead of leaving you in suspense, I do get to walk a bit more. And I no longer get hyped up late at night after working night shift and not be able to sleep.

Here are some photos:

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