Friday, November 25, 2016

Like in The Movies

To let you in on a secret, I love those sentimental and kitschy sports movies, like "Remember The Titans" and "Seabiscuit" and a host of others I can't think of at this moment so early in the morning. Yes, Rocky the whole never ending series, too, like most of the world.

This year's World Series, when the Chicago Clubs came from an impossible 3-1 series loss to win it 4-3, is probably already in the works as a movie to two, or more.

So last night as half-time got close, in the always colder than expected Mishor Adumim sports field, my chauffeur and also the other mother who comes to cheer both felt that watching our beloved Jerusalem Big Blue Lions tackle football team lose yet again to the Judean Rebels, in a preseason game, just wasn't worth it, I agreed to leave and go home. I just said:
"Let's wait until half time, so we can at least say goodbye."
And so we left. The score at that time was 28:6 to the Rebels. And the game we had left had looked so much like all the other games against the Rebels even though this one didn't have their former star Dani Eastman and his father the coach at the helm. So, we just figured that freezing and watching yet another defeat, especially when this one didn't even count in final league standings, wouldn't be worth risking illness. I was dropped off at the "city-line," aka Hisme/Jerusalem checkpoint and immediately caught a ride to Ofra and then to Shvut Rachel where I walked down with a friend to my house via the caravan neighborhood.

When I got home and turned on my computer, nobody was more surprised than me, when I saw this video titled ניצחון ענק! NITZACHON ANAK! GREAT VICTORY! on Facebook:
Apparently, yes, just like in the movies, the coach, aka my younger son, inspired the Lions to shape up and do their thing and WIN, which they did by scoring another 24 points, davka, in the fourth quarter and not letting the Rebels even one! Yes, the final score was a whopping and amazing 30:28!

OK, the tackle football played here in Israel may not have the same skill and speed as the NFL, but it's here and a lot of fun.

Join us to cheer on the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions to victory this year, Gd willing!

Here's the schedule, click.

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