Sunday, November 06, 2016

More #morningcoffeehaiku

Please ignore my nails. Don't let them distract you from the great coffee and sunny morning. 
As you must know, I've been haikuing on facebook most mornings about coffee. See #morningcoffeehaiku. These haikus are sometimes illustrated by my coffee, but these photos are from today and were taken for this blog post.

Since I have a nice stock of American coffee, I've been making my coffee in a French Press. And since it has gotten colder, I've ceased making Cold Press coffee. When I have no American stock, or I'm just in a certain mood, I use my Israeli Elite Turkish Coffee for perking in a very classic stove top percolator.

Here are some of my more recent haikus. I hope they warm you and wake you. Enjoy!

a lovely morning
when water is followed by...
coffee, sugar, milk

first sip of coffee 
makes the day really begin
enjoy every drop

coffee and laundry
today's menu is simple
first drink my coffee

Why up so early?
So I can drink my coffee!
Will it rain today?

slept strange dreams last night
water and coffee to clear
now to start the day

hot Friday coffee
made it strong in the French Press
good sipping slowly

perked coffee calling
strong and hot to hit the spot
good morning to all

up very early
drank my water, now coffee
starting new today

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