Thursday, November 17, 2016

Celebrating Six 6!

The other day my daughter finally got to make her six year old a birthday party. When the actual birthday is during the super busy Jewish Holiday Season, celebrations get postponed. But since the princess got to "plan" the party, which included all that she wanted, she didn't care that it was actually over a month after the date.

Being just the grandmother, I had no real role other than glorified "gofer" and photographer, which meant that I could just enjoy myself and kvell. I especially enjoyed seeing my older granddaughters take over all sorts of important roles and responsibilities, very much like their mother did when she was their ages.

I even set the table! As you can see, the birthday girl likes pink.

The gorgeous cake was baked and decorated by the family, meaning that a few of us, including the birthday girl, took part.

Thank Gd a good time was had by all, Baruch Hashem, ken yirbu; may there be many more smachot, happy occasions for all the family.

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