Thursday, November 24, 2016

Coney Island Knishes in Jerusalem

I must admit that I wasn't raised on knishes, but the other day while walking on Jerusalem's Jaffa Street, I stopped into the Coney Island, meal, snack, pretty much anything at great prices food place, see my post: Best Sandwich Deal in Jerusalem, NS10, and ended up getting a couple of knishes.

One was classic potato, and the other was spinach. Admittedly, I'm not a real knish-maven, but I was raised on Jewish-Ashkenaz food in New York. I have memories of potato and kasha knishes, but not spinach ones. I ate the potato one on the spot, and it was OK but I'm not a potato fan at all. I was just very hungry and needed an energy boost-- eeks! I really didn't need all those calories.

There were so many delicious and lower calorie foods to choose from, but after teaching I needed a treat. They provide friendly service and even have salads. But I rationalized that I needed to blog for people who aren't on perennial diets also. Right?

By the time I finished the potato knish I really wasn't hungry. It's not like having chocolate or one of their gorgeous and tempting cupcakes, which I still haven't tried, which always whet the appetite and makes you want even more. The knish is food and satisfying.

So, I stored the spinach knish in my friend's fridge and then took it with me the next day. I ended up heating up in the Teachers Room and eating it as a very necessary pre-lunch snack, since breakfast had been super early and lunch wasn't going to be for a couple of hours. I gave it good heating in the microwave.

And it was truly delicious.

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