Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Another EFL Teaching Trick

Modern pedagogy aka teaching methods stresses that people/children everybody learns differently. When I was doing my teachers license, we were told that there were three basic methods:

  • visual
  • audial
  • kinesthetic
As an EFL Teacher who specializes in "mild" remedial classes, who is also a CPA's daughter and, as my sister likes to say, from a family of artists, I've sort of expanded that. I also use numbers whenever I can connect them to the meanings of words. 

This is how I teach basic "frequency words." As you can see, besides the fact the the words are written in a logical order, they are in a triangle. And I've assigned percentages to the words. "Always" is at the bottom, the largest part of the triangle and 100%.  On the top, the tiny tip of the triangle is "never," 0%.

What do you think about this? Do you agree that it should help students to picture and "calculate" the meanings of the  "frequency words?"

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