Thursday, March 23, 2017

Coffee Report, The Dregs
just like mine
As promised, this is a report about the ground coffee I bought in Jerusalem to use in my new, humongous French Press which has an excellent filter/plunger. If you remember, I felt the ground coffee after it was put in the bag and complained about the powdery feel. The commercial American ground coffee has larger granules and no powder.

My coffee-making experiments have taught me that the finer the coffee is ground the less suitable it is for a French Press, since it clogs up the filter. The powder, like Turkish coffee, is fine in the percolator, though and can also be used with the simple low-tech super-fine filter, which makes amazingly good coffee regardless of the type/quality.  The filter is also easy to travel with if you need to make your own coffee and don't want instant. I, davka, did that yesterday.

The Bashkovitz coffee didn't clog the filter, thank Gd, though it did leave some sludgy dregs aka mud on the bottom of the cup, which doesn't happen with American commercial coffee. No doubt they filter the powder out from the larger granules before packaging. The Kenyan beans didn't give the taste/flavor I like, but there were many others to choose from for next time I have to buy ground coffee in Israel. I'll probably also try a different store. Recommendations are welcome, thanks.

In the meantime, enjoy your coffee, however you prepare it.

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