Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Photography Fun!

I've been having great fun with the photography groups I'm in 52Frames, Instagram and 365 Project. Each is different. If you're involved with any of them, then please check out my photos, follow me where relevant etc.

The latest 52Frames challenge was Negative Space, and here's mine:

"Work of Gd"
Sunrises and sunsets here in Shiloh are totally amazing. All I needed to do was a drop of cropping. That's the real color you see.
In 365 project I used a different sunrise the other day. You can find me by looking for shilohmom.

Sun Peeking

As the sun rises....
You may notice that this is the same view but a different day and time.

On Instagram I'm shilohbatya and I post at least a couple a times a day.

This is my latest mosaics project made in the Senior Citizens activity program.
Each group has a different emphasis, which I enjoy.

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