Thursday, March 30, 2017

Busy Thursday, Gd Willing JBBL will be IFL Champions

Let this yellow sky be the only disappointment today.

A sky this yellowish color in springtime Israel quite often heralds a sandstorm. And one thing I learned in our first year in Israel was not to hang out laundry during a sandstorm, because it will dry with sand thoroughly embedded in the fabric, yes, dirtier than before being laundered. So, I'll postpone doing the wash until tomorrow or next week. It's also not a good day to open up the windows and certainly not to wash them.

Yes, there are two very good reasons not to wash windows before the Passover Holiday, even though lots of people like a totally sparkling clean house.

  1. The dirt on the windows is not the forbidden chametz.
  2. There's an excellent chance of sandstorms during the Jewish Months of Nissan and Iyar. And sandstorms really dirty/soil windows. 

Yesterday I had a totally fantastic day in Jerusalem. My chevruta, learning friends, and I spent the morning in Matan attending the Pre-Passover Yom Iyyun. Dr. Yael Ziegler, Rabbanit Shani Taragin and Yael Leibowitz provided an inspiring learning experience for the hundreds of attendees who overpacked the Matan auditorium. After that we went out to lunch together, since we wouldn't be seeing each other for a few weeks.

Tonight I'm Gd willing attending the IFL IsraelBowl #10 Championships and hope and pray that the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions will be victorious!! I pray for a great game, no injuries, and that the championship will be ours. We have a wonderful team and a super-fantastic coach.

Today, until I start my trek/tremp to Petach Tikvah, I'll be busy preparing for Shabbat.

Yaala Big Blue!!!

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