Monday, March 13, 2017

Purim "Street Festival" in Shiloh!

The Purim 5777 me, a selfie
For decades it has been the custom for a "Street Festival" in my Shiloh neighborhood. One of the neighbors chooses a "theme" or sorts, dresses up and has a very cooperative cast, crew and enthusiastic audience. People make a point of getting to the location to see and participate in "the show."

This happens every year on the first day of Purim. "First day?" You may be wondering, because in almost every other location Purim is just one day. Some cities, like Jerusalem, celebrate a day later, but here in Shiloh one day just isn't enough... for various halachick (Jewish Law) reasons, we're blessed with a second day of Purim. Yes, that means, two seudot-festive meals and four megilla readings.

There are advantages, because it does give the opportunity for young marrieds to get to both sides of the family on Purim. My daughter used to go to her mother-in-law the first day and then we'd make a big gathering/feast on the second.

Here are some photos from Shiloh Purim, 5777.

May we all enjoy many, many more, Gd willing.

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