Sunday, March 12, 2017

Baking an Apple-Coffee Cake

For this cake, I used my simple, basic cake recipe. Click here for it. It's the basis of the best of basic simple cakes and as easy to do as a cake mix.

I was feeling pretty stressed out when I started making this cake, or cakes to be more exact, since I used lots of small baking pans to give Mishloach Manot, the Purim food gifts. I had planned on making the cake with chocolate chips, but then I discovered that I hadn't enough, so I began to improvise and granted in a couple of apples. And I found some cold coffee in the fridge waiting for a purpose in life.
And as usual, I used dark brown sugar and whole wheat flour. I didn't measure exactly. My mind was someplace else. Post-fast can do that to you. But considering that I've been making this basic recipe for decades, it really did come out pretty well.

OK, I haven't tasted it, but what could be wrong?

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