Monday, March 06, 2017

Big Reason I Need New Kitchen

My plans for this summer is to, Gd willing, design/order and enjoy and new kitchen. Besides the fact that after over thirty years of constant and even heavy use, things are falling apart, I find my two mini-ovens totally unsuited for my present way of cooking. The "stove-oven" niche is much too small to get any decent-sized replacement. It's so small that my present "stove-oven" blocks the sliding door by a fraction of an inch. The good news about that is that since we've survived fine without using that doorway, I will have it filled into part of the wall which will give me more closet/appliance space.

As you must know if you read my blog and the recipes I post, a great amount of my cooking is done in the oven. At present, I can barely bake/cook one thing at a time. That means that even preparing food for one meal can a be a complicated logistical, long drawn out waste of time.  

I dream of two large ovens that can work simultaneously. That's an efficient way to cook. And for years already, I've had trouble with my stove top. Not only haven't the burners all worked, but there would frequently be a gas smell. So now we're using a small two-burner hotplate. At least it doesn't smell.

Gd willing...

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