Sunday, March 05, 2017

Report on the New Heater/Cooler Airconditioner

  • I absolutely adore the new feel of the house.
  • I love coming in on a cold day and actually feeling warmer inside than I had been outside all bundled up. 
  • It's so nice that our rather small living-room and even smaller bedroom no longer has to be cluttered by a radiator.

Everyone keeps asking:
"Aren't you sorry you didn't get them ten (or more) years ago?"
Well, in all honesty, maybe not ten or more years ago, but certainly five or so when prices began to drop drastically. I remember that the earlier ones, which we would have certainly been replaced a couple of times by now, weren't a fraction as good as today's standard models. It's sort of like the "advantage" of a baby walking a bit "late" and saving her/his parents money on shoes, since those early walkers need more pairs of the more expensive ones.

Today's models also have better motors and thermostats, so they go off a lot, and the house stays comfortable.

Our neighbors had a very early model, and everytime it went on our lights dimmed, because the neighborhood electricity supply was connected and insufficient. I'm not the type to keep berating myself for something in the past that can't be reversed. Let's just enjoy what we have today.

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Jodi Bennett said...

My husband and I recently purchased a heater/cooler air conditioner like yours. We are extremely happy at how much more comfortable it has made our home. No matter what room we are in, we feel like we are at an appropriate temperature. This has been one of our best purchases recently and has made life much better for us as we live in a place that has varying temperatures.

Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating