Saturday, March 11, 2017

Purim Gifts- Mishloach Manot

This is the clever a perfect sort of Mishloach Manot I can never come up with. I got it as a gift from a fellow teacher where I work. And not only was it cute, attractive and delicious, it was the perfect lunch last Wednesday when I didn't want to eat in the yeshiva's Dining Room.

  • 2 low fat plain yogurts
  • a small bag of perfect strawberries 
  • a jar of irresistible granola
  • packed in a lovely Purim gift bag

Yes, I know that it wasn't yet Purim on Wednesday. That's pretty obvious since I studied and taught then. It was a very long day for sure. But since it wasn't Purim, the Mishloach Manot was more symbolic than anything, and the strawberries wouldn't have lasted another few days...

Usually I do eat lunch in the yeshiva dining room on Wednesdays, but last week I was very upset with the menu. In the tradition of the Jewish Month of Adar, leading to Purim there was a "reversal." The meat meal this month is at night for dinner, not for lunch. And the week before I was very upset to discover that the menu was mostly carbohydrates, except for the salads. And there was no protein. For me that's not a meal. I don't eat carbs, and salads aren't very satisfying.

Since I generally sleep out on Tuesday nights, I can't bring lunch with me on Wednesday. I was overjoyed to have received this gorgeous gift. Yes, I know that granola is very fattening, but the yogurt is a nice protein. I was starving and ate it. For me it was a more balanced and satisfying meal than I would have gotten in the dining room.

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