Thursday, August 31, 2006

Having fun at "Savta's" (Grannie's)

This summer my daughter and hers spent a couple of days at my house on "vacation." They all had been over for Shabbat and stayed a couple of extra days.

On day one, she and her husband went to work, and my sons and I babysat. Then she and the girls had a "fun day in Shiloh."

They visited the neighbor's goats. And they also sent shopping. Early in the morning they were at the pool, but there aren't any pictures from that.

Just so you see how lovely it is here, bli eyin haraa (keep away the evil eye)!

Short little stays like this with grandparents and uncles are among the things my children never had growing up. Visits were infrequent, long and intense, since we never lived nearby. My parents and in-laws were in New York, and we live in Israel. Even the two years we were in London, weren't much of an improvement.

My sister lives in Arizona, so my parents have had a rough time trying to get to know their grandchildren. It's not like when I was a kid and most of the family was in New York or nearby. The relatives in Florida were total strangers. Now my family has spread much further. At least with email and lower phone charges, contact is easier. I certainly don't miss those aerogrammes we used to use as inexpensive airmail stationery.

Seeing the girls growing up is a gift, thank G-d.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is lovely and the grandchildren precious.

Risa Tzohar said...

Baruch hashem. Isn't it great to be able to spend just a few days with the grandchildren!

Baleboosteh said...

I really loved that post. I spent many weekends at my grandparents house as a child and always had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, due mainly to cancer, my childrens grandparents passed away at very young ages (in their 40's) and my children will never have the joy of going to stay with grandparents, which really saddens me as it was something that I really enjoyed as a child and would have liked for them to have the same opportunity.

Thats life I guess!

Nice pictures you posted too!

Batya said...

Thank you all!

It really is wonderful having them so near.

I like the short visits, even of a few hours, or to pop in for a few minutes. When I got back from NY, one afternoon I just took a bus for a short visit and to deliver all (most of) the stuff I had gotten them. It really was easy. A much more natural relationship.

Unknown said...

I loved spending time with my grandparents when I was little. I have lots of great memories of those trips.

Thanks for submitting this to the Carnival of Family Life. Be sure to stop by my blog and send your readers there on Monday to see all the great entries.

YMedad said...

Great seeing those pictures.

Saba - The Grandfather

Anonymous said...

Grandparents are the greatest! Your children are so lucky to have made such wonderful memories!

Here via Carnival of Family Life.

Batya said...

thanks and thanks

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite memories were spending a week or two every summer with my mom's parents. There were about 8 of us that were all about 4 years apart that would move into their house. I'm sure our parents loved it. While the sun was up it was all about being with the cousins. At night, it was all about playing games with grandma and grandpa. Even though we don't see each other very much anymore, we all still talk about the visits whenever we do get together.

Batya said...

I didn't grow up with independent grandparents. My one grandmother lived with my aunt and her family. My kids had all four until a few years ago, and now, bli eyin haraa, they still have my parents alive.