Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Skimmed America

I planned this title last year, when in NY, and maybe I even used it.

As part of my culinary report, I discovered any oxymoron if ever there was one!

Saturday night, after Shabbat, I went with my sil to a friend for a visit, on the way to my parents. She very graciously offered us some delicious coffee, and then asked:
Do you want "no fat" milk or
"half an' half."

Since sil and I aren't of the "no fat" fans, we answered "half an' half." Imagine our surprise when she then read: "fat-free half an' half."

we answered in unison. How could that be? Then she read us a long list of ingredients, including diet no, no's like corn syrup. My mind was so in shock that I can't remember the rest of the poisons.

That's America, I guess. Substituting natural calories for more dangerous concoctions. I'm one of those who puts sugar in my coffee, but I don't bother drinking juice. Juice has tons of sugar, but it's called fructose. Well, sucrose, fructose, like that rose, has sugar calories, whatever the name.

Another food problem in Skimmed America is finding a good bio 3% yogurt like I eat at home. I finally gave in and bought the 1 1/2% type, not as healthy, since it's vanilla. That means sugar which I wouldn't have eaten with breakfast.

Strange, all I mention is food.

Kosher Restaurants since my last report.
Mazur's in Little Neck, off the LIE. We had a nice cousins get-together with my parents there on Sunday. Extra fish on the menu for the 9 days.
Yesterday I was in NJ and ate at an "Israeli style" dairy place in the Oranges, near Livingston. Then I shopped in the Livingston Mall, no sales tax made it sweeter. We all had fun buying pretty things for Hallelie and Porat.

Now I'm in the GNPL on the computer.
15 minutes to go!!


Sarah Likes Green said...

"Substituting natural calories for more dangerous concoctions." Well put! Why have an artificial 'mocha mix' in your coffee when normal milk would suffice. It's not like it has so much fat in it anyway.

Sounds like you are having a good trip!

Making me hungry with all your posts about restaurants. I miss that... there's not that much variety here as there is in NY (or LA or Israel).

Batya said...

strange what people eat