Friday, August 11, 2006

New Neighbors

We have some new neighbors. Every house in Shiloh seems to be full, and that includes the "apartments" some neighbors have added onto their houses. Nobody knows how long the new neighbors will be here.

Some may not even have someplace to return to.

Yes, they are the suddenly-homeless from the north of the country. Since Hizbollah has been shooting rockets at our innocent civilians, many people can't stay home, and some homes have been seriously damaged.

The wealthier people just piled into their cars and went on "vacation," but not everyone is so "lucky." The government was caught "with their pants down" as the saying goes, and they haven't a clue. Ordinary people have taken the initiative welcoming others and organizing homes in different communities.

Even though I personally think that Shiloh is a great place to live, especially in the summer with the pool and all, not everyone agrees. There are some refugees who think that it's too dangerous here, but obviously there are others happy to be in Shiloh.

At this point, I'm still jetlagged and not even cooking for me and my husband, so I'll have to join those helping in a couple of days, B'ezrat Hashem.

Shabbat Shalom

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