Thursday, December 24, 2009

... And I Gratefully Entered The Ambulance.

Please don't panic!

As much as I walk and love to walk and even find myself doing "speed walking" at night when I can finally get out by myself sans my father for some exercise, when I get off our bus at the stop "down the hill" after some hours in Jerusalem I'm totally exhausted.  A few years ago, the yishuv mazkirut, town council, foolishly (immorally) agreed to cancel the deal we had with Egged bus company to go up to my neighborhood.  This has made life very difficult for us.

I'm always grateful for rides home.

Ambulance drivers on call must have the ambulance with them wherever they are, and that includes going to the grocery store and picking up their kids from school.  When I got back to Shiloh the other day, the driver was taking his kids home from school and invited me in, too.  I was very thankful.  He asked if it was really so hard, since I'm known as "a walker."  Obviously I said "yes."

A couple of hours later, after relaxing and drinking water and coffee, I very energetically went down the hill to a T'hillim Psalms group.  I saw the ambulance driver again (while he was picking his youngest kids up from day care.)  I called out to him, to make sure that he noticed that I'm not always in need of "rescue!"

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