Sunday, December 06, 2009

Still Nothing From Blog Carnival

I'll be producing a Havel Havelim, but without the help of blog carnival.  I worked out a way and will then edit after posting if necessary.  I've been working on it most of the week.

Nobody seems to know why blog carnival has reduced its services.  I didn't hear from them at all, not as blog carnvial host, nor as blogger and they didn't even reply to my letter.

This upcoming edition is now "closed."  The Israel Situation hosts next week's, and I suggest emailing them directly with your link, subject: HH.

For the next Kosher Cooking Carnival, which will be at, send your link to shilohmuse at gmail dot com with KCC as subject, and I'll forward it.  Use the same address if you'd like to volunteer as carnival host.

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