Friday, December 04, 2009

A New Job For My Father

It's probably gets pretty boring for my father here in my house in Shiloh.  He take a walk everyday with me, plays cards with a young friend and watches movies, but he doesn't have any "jobs," responsibilities.

When he lived at home in Great Neck, NY with my mother, he raked leaves and swept.  He also carried things for her when she couldn't.

There are limits to what he can do with his vision and memory problems.  He clears his plates and cups from the table, usually asking to which sink they go.  He makes his bed, a life-long habit.

Yesterday he spent hours outside on our merpeset, terrace, enjoying the unseasonable sun.  I also took advantage of it, having hung out lots of laundry.  It's certainly not the first time I've hung out the wash in the month and a half he has been living with us, but it's the first time I asked him to take in the wash.  Yes, that's what he did.  It was easier for him to take in the clothespins, too, rather than rehang them the way I do.  He was very proud that he didn't drop a single thing.  B"H, thank G-d, now I have help.

Everyone enjoys the feeling of satisfaction after a job well-done, and I'm glad that I finally discovered something my elderly, 89 year old, father can do.


Anonymous said...

you go girl.

Batya said...

I try.