Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Message Is Getting Out

It seems like more people are reading my Shiloh Musings posts than before and I have no idea how many.  The posts appear on facebook, and I allow full access to them.  On fb they're called "notes."

I set things up so that when I post on Shiloh Musings facebook posts them, too.  Since the real goal of my blogging is to get the message across, not "be a blogger," that means that I'm using social media correctly.  My twitter account also gets Shiloh Musings and the posts from me-ander, this blog, too. 

I'm not sure how many people read my posts from twitter, but even though I haven't logged in for weeks, if not longer, I keep getting notices of others friending or following me or whatever it's called.  The automatic posting, which was set up by Soccer Dad, keeps the account very active.

I haven't posted anything new to my youtube or wejew recently.  I'm home more, but I try to avoid the computer.  I am so behind in my email.  Gevalt!

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