Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back From The "Dead?"

It appears that blog carnival is back working after two weeks of "near-deadness."  That means that you can send in your posts and expect the blog carnival host to get the link and include you in the carnival.

I managed to host Havel Havelim without their services.  It was not the best carnival I'd ever done, probably the worst.

Welcome back, bc!


Leora said...

I got a JPIX submission via blog carnival tonight.

Batya said...

For JPIX and KCC, which aren't frequent/weekly, the malfunction was less serious, but I'm sure it messed up the weekly carnivals. I guess we ought to send out mailings announcing the good news. If you do, please mention that posts/links can be sent to KCC, and of course I'll mention jpix.