Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Blogger *Balagan

*Balagan is Hebrew for chaotic mess.

Recently, I've discovered unpleasant surprises when my posts are up on blogspot.com, the free blog server host whatever I use.  Various lines, phrases, paragraphs etc are "misplaced."

It makes for awful reading, embarrassing for sure.  I generally go over the post before "publishing."  Everything is fine and then I hit the button, go to my next "project" and much later discover that my post doesn't make sense.  Please don't blame me!  It's not my fault.  I wrote it correctly!!

Does this happen to any other blogspot blogger?  It happens to me on both my blogs, so I can't blame one template over another.

Just curious.


Maya / מיה said...

It's never happened to me (despite the appearance of some of my posts-- heh!) The worst that has happened is an extra return or two. Do you type in the blogger dashboard window or e-mail your posts to be posted? I type in the dashboard window.

Random question for you: I don't like the way people have to post comments on my blog, and I'd like a simple format with word verification and comments in one window, as in your blog. Any tip on how I switch this?

Batya said...

Maya, yes that extra spacing is another peeve. Well, considering that it's free...
I type on blogger generally. I just did the last HH as mail, becuase it was much easier that way.

You can cancel the pop-up in your blog options, all sorts of things to play with. If you haven't tried just open up each starting via the dashboard.