Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Getting Cold in Them Thar Hills

The wind is blowing.  I can hear it through the double windows.  Tree branches are in a hyper-frenzied dance.  So, I may not be able to take my father on a walk today.

I don't think he had one yesterday, since it took him ages to shower, dress and have breakfast.  Then my husband figured it would be a good idea to rush lunch, since my daughter was expected to pick him up and take him to see the great-grandchildren.  I spent the morning in Jerusalem with a friend.

After I got back home, he left and then I got ready for elections and also went to a neighbor for our weekly T'hilim, Psalms reading.

Today is also our Movie Club.  Earlier this week, I made a large, not enormous, batch of vegetable soup.  Maybe I'll serve some to the crowd.  This time I made it with a packaged mix of lentils and whatever.  It's never the same twice.  You could say that about all the stuff I cook.  I'm "allergic" to following recipes.  Maybe that's why I can eat the same basic meals every day.

I'm trying to figure out how to do Havel Havelim without all the posts coming in from Blog Carnival. I see new carnivals are posted on their site.  Is it something personal that I haven't been getting links?  Please mail me suitable links to shilohmuse at gmail dot com with HH as subject.   Thanks!

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