Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I Guess I Needed The Sleep

Last night, about two hours before my usual bedtime, I found myself unable to concentrate/stay awake.  I decided to take the hint and go to sleep.

My husband and father were still up.  They had been home all day, while I had gotten up well over an hour earlier than usual, tremped to the pool in Neve Yaakov, then met my friend downtown Jerusalem, walked around, shopped etc and then took the 4pm bus home.  Then I made dinner, washed the dishes and started to feel that I had had it for the day.

I guess I was right, since I slept all night and didn't feel the need to get up before my alarm went off.

Sometimes sleep is the best medicine.

There were some funny things that happened yesterday, like my bag buzzing all the stores for "stolen goods."  At Hamashbir Letzarchan they wouldn't let me go until I could prove that I hadn't shoplifted anything.  Golf and Fox didn't inspect or care.  The guilty party was a dvd I had bought for ns10 in Big Deal.  Luckily I thought of it and proved that it caused the alarm.  Because of that and/or other delays I missed the 3:30 by about five minutes. There were a number of stupid time-wasters.  But the 4pm was so empty that I felt that it should have had more riders, so I was glad to be on it.

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