Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taping Electrical Switches, More in The Saga...

Yes, more in the saga of taking care of my father, the ultimate challenge to the "sandwich" generation.

As Torah (AKA Orthodox) Jews, we don't "change electric settings" on Shabbat, Sabbath.  Of course we "use" electricity.  Lights can be on, the fridge and heaters, too.  We just don't touch the switch.  Some things, like household lights may be on electric timers, but all that is set up before the sun goes down on a Friday.

My father now lives with us.  He was never religiously observant, even when he "had all his marbles."  Then if he was visiting he could remember not to touch the switches, but now he forgets and he doesn't see well.  Even when turning off the toilet light he could end up turning on the bathroom heater. 

Last week, just after Shabbat began, that's what happened, so the entire Shabbat the bathroom was nice and unnecessarily warm.  I was afraid that the fuse would blow.

I've been trying to tape the hallway and bathroom lights to stay on, so we can benefit in our room.  I guess it was in frustration looking for a "working" switch to turn those lights off, he turned on the heater.

No, I didn't say anything to him about it.  What's the point?

All and all, he's doing great, really.  His blood pressure is lower than ever before.  I changed gears and I'm fine, too.

Just new challenges...

Never dull

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