Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wholesome Wins The Day

The "experts" are trying to say that just prudish old fashioned alte kockes have been buying Susan Boyle's CD, but the stores and other marketing means all say it's not true.  Granted, it may be like the research that shows that the Beatles Anthology Collection was bought by young people for their parents, but still, the important thing is that there's money in clean-cut entertainment.  Isn't that the bottom line?  The bottom line, the profit.

That brings me to yesterday's Movie Club movie, the Best of Times, with Robin Williams and some other great comedians.  Cut, edited differently it could have been a fantastic family movie, but there are some disturbing sex scenes, that even though they don't show skin are too "adult."  We, the club members, had a great time watching the movie.  The laughs are healthy, but we didn't need the other parts.  It's a shame.  Maybe our concept of "acceptable" is different from others.

I'm glad that  Susan Boyle has shown the  show business money people that clean pays. 

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