Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gevalia Not Gevaldik*

I had heard from coffee maivens in the states that the elite was getting Gevalia coffee delivered to their homes.  I didn't get to drink any, but I was overjoyed when my brother gave me a box to take home to Shiloh.

Par for the course, I saved it and saved it.  OK, only two and a half months.  For whatever reason, I decided that today would be the day and I opened it.  Hmmm, strange, no great coffee odor emerged from the gold wrapping.  Maybe it's my stuffed nose.  But still, it could have been saw dust for all I can tell.  I put a couple of heaping spoons into my filter coffeemaker.  And now I'm finishing my second giant mug. 

Maybe I'd be happier with a different one of their coffees, but this is the one I was given.  Most of my mother's order is decaf, and that's not for me, thank G-d.  I usually drink standard, though quality, Israeli Turkish coffee, made in my filter coffeemaker.  I used to perc it and that was really something.  I've also boiled it up with sugar the way some Russian guys taught me.

The package is now in the freezer, and I'll try it again another time.  Maybe it'll taste better.  Maybe it'll have more taste.

*Gevaldik-super fantastic


Risa Tzohar said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Hadassa said...

We make it a point to buy Elite (a major, if not the major Israeli brand). After my husband saw a sign in a snooty Tel Aviv cafe that read "We don't serve Elite", he decided that we should exclusively serve it. Jews. They get ideological about everything, even their coffee.
I hope the nose clears soon.

Batya said...

Risa, Hadassa, thanks
I also buy the Elite Turkish, but this stuff was a gift.

Hadassa said...

I'll admit that every once in a while we try something interesting, like the organic, safe-trade variety that caught Uri's eye. It wasn't worth buying again.

Batya said...

I agree. I must admit that I hate Starbucks, and when in NY I treated myself to an organic I found in the supermarket. Yuck, too much like Starbucks. After each "adventure" I'm happy to return to my usual. Though I do like some flavored, when I add enough sugar. Now that I've reduced that...