Sunday, December 06, 2009

There Are Times I Just Don't Like To Interfere

I get a kick out of the conversations between those who comment on my blogs.  There are times, I just let them go at it without my interference.

Right now, some people are arguing over the facebook version of one of my Shiloh Musings posts.  I know them and have no doubt that this is an argument they've had before and it has nothing to do with what I wrote.  It's funny how the "social media" wakes up all sorts of things.

Yes, I'm on facebook, but I don't "do it."  I joined it and twitter just to try to get more people to read my blogs, especially Shiloh Musings.  So I guess people are reading the posts without visiting the blog.

Ken yirbu, let it all multiply.  Hmmm sounds better in Hebrew.

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