Tuesday, March 11, 2014

52Frames and Multifocals

This week's theme/challenge in 52frames, the photography group I'm in, was "something hidden."  Too bad that I couldn't reproduce the effects in the "illusion workshop" my grandkids participated in at the Israel Museum a few months ago.

I understood the challenge to be creating a picture that makes the viewer think they're looking at something not quite what is there.  There are always members of the group that take it more literally, so thought of having one or more of the grandkids pose reading books that hid their faces.
"Hidden behind a book."
But this is supposed to be a photographic challenge, so I went for the visual.

Yes, that's a "selfie." I figured that most people would look at the picture, with the hat and dark lenses and figure that I was wearing sunglasses.  The truth is that I'm not, and these aren't the type of lenses that change color/darkness depending on how light or dark it is.  I'm using old-fashioned clip-ons.

The ironic thing is that I originally had planned on buying glasses with those special lenses but was put off by the price. I saw that my sunglasses easily went over them, so just got plain lenses.  And on my way home from the optician I somehow lost the sunglasses in one of the rides.

When I realized that I had lost the sunglasses, I took the clip-ons I had once bought my husband.  We never succeeded in getting them on his glasses, so they'd been waiting rather forlornly in the closet. I had no problem putting them on and off my new glasses.

In another post, bli neder, I'll write more about wearing multifocals.

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