Monday, March 03, 2014

Shooting for 52frames

Every week there's a different theme/challenge.  Many of us morphed this week's "on your plate theme" into some sort of food focused picture.  I davka shot a worker preparing an anti-plate shawarma, or something like it on the grill at my local Rami Levy, Sha'ar Binyamin.

I originally just wanted to just get the fancy knife-work and steam in my picture, but my model was so excited to pose for me that I included him in the shot.

Last week's theme was Action and here's my photo:

Yes, that's a winning game by the Big Blue Jerusalem Lions tackle football team.  I was very pleased in how strong the flash is on my new Galaxy II smartphone, although the pictures aren't as clear as from my old Canon 620 camera. Now, if I could combine the flash on the phone with the quality pictures from the camera...  I'd love to replace the camera, but I can't afford to as long as it still works. This week's photo was shot with it.

The week before was Reflecting, something that I only began shooting since I got the digital camera.

It's a whole new photo genre for me. I absolutely adore it. Most of my reflection shots are more chaotic, busier, but I thought that this one would please the style of the 52frame members. But it didn't make a dent; I'm still one of the "backbenchers" in this group.

Some of the photographers in 52frames are real professionals, not dabblers or amateur plus like yours truly. There's all sorts of talk of expensive cameras, lenses, settings etc.  I don't know if I'll ever get "there." It's not only the money; it's the idea of having to schlep all sorts of equipment and losing the fun and joy in just spontaneously shooting. Today's cameras (and some smartphones) really are good and it's possible to take fantastic shots without great expense and complicated calculations.


Adela said...

Great photography isn't about expensive lenses or cameras, its about capturing the moment. You do it very well. I'm an artist but I have never experimented with photography perhaps I'll try it this year.

Batya Medad said...

Adela, thanks. Photography is my art medium, because I could never draw well. But thanks, as you noticed I've always been able to "capture the moment." I've noticed it when looking at pictures I took as a young child. There's a discipline I learned using film. You have one chance to get it right.