Friday, March 28, 2014

Good News, Bad News, and Where's Ramat Hasharon?

Great News! My son's IFL Israeli Tackle Football Team, The Jerusalem Big Blue Lions won their quarterfinal game against the Haifa Underdogs and will be going on to the semifinals next Friday.

shaking hands at end of game

Yes, that means that the bad news is that next Friday is an important game, and I'll want to be there, which won't be easy. I also have to find out where Ramat Hasharon is and where the stadium/field is and how to get there from here.

Generally I only go to the games in Jerusalem, but this semifinal is too important to miss. So I have to get everything ready for Shabbat and do Pesach cleaning before and after. Everything can be done if you really want it done. We all make our own priorities and must be realistic.

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