Saturday, March 29, 2014

HaDassah, Letting Go to Support Aliyah

Popular Jewish American blogger HaDassah Sabo Milner already has one son in Israel who made aliyah. Lots of Jewish American eighteen year olds come to Israel.  They come for the year, but HaDassah's Aryeh made aliyah. He's now improving his Hebrew for the IDF, Israeli Defense Forces. So like many religious Israelis he'll be about nineteen when he starts his army service. It's very common to spend a year studying in a "michina" (pre-army preparing program) and improving one's fitness before the army.

This summer, her second son will join his big brother in Israel:
My second son, Naftali,  turns 18 in August. By the time his birthday rolls around he will have made Aliyah, and will be living in Israel, surrounded by family – including his older brother.
Here's my comment on HaDassah's blog:
HaDassah, halevei all Jewish mothers had your attitude and the Jewish population in Israel would be so much greater. Too many parents tell their children:
"First get an education."
"Save some money."
"Get job experience."
And we all know what that causes...
staying in chutz la'Aretz, because it is easiest to make a successful aliyah when you're young and when you get your education and language skills, Hebrew skills in Israel.
This is becoming a long comment. I may as well blog about it.
I know of so many people who really wanted and planned on making aliyah, but they took their parents' advice.  Some of them did make aliyah after doing all those things, but many more didn't.  Or they tried and discovered that their American/Canadian/European etc educations didn't really prepare them for life in Israel. It's also so much more difficult to come to a new place, new language with children. Also there's no real guarantee that one can save lots of money living abroad.  Life can be very expensive.

G-d willing, HaDassah and family will all be blessed. Reading her post was a great way to start the week.


Tzivia in AliyahLand said...

Thanks for sharing! Your post has been included in Haveil Havalim: a weekly roundup of what’s best from the Jewish / Israeli blog world.

Batya said...

Thank you Tzivia!