Sunday, March 16, 2014

One of Those "Just Seconds Before Shabbat" Stories

As I was about to light my Shabbat Candles my husband plugged in the platta, electric heating plate full of Shabbat food, and the lights all went out.  I looked out the window and said:
"This is just us. Other people have electricity. Check the fuse box."
So we pulled up the switch and this time I tried plugging the platta into the other outlet by the stove. Again, the electricity went. I handed him the cable and said:
"Run next door to Moshe. He's a caterer.  No doubt he has an extra cable or platta  to lend us."
A minute later my husband came back with a big black platta with a cord.
"He said that nowadays, there aren't detachable cables."
So, my husband quickly transferred everything to the borrowed platta, plugged it in and we had a wonderful pre-Purim Shabbat.  BARUCH HASHEM, AND THANKS TO WONDERFUL NEIGHBORS!

Our neighbor Moshe catered the Sheva Brachot we did for our son and his wife this summer.

Photos by Linda Fairman

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