Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lunch in That Name-forgotten Kosher Miami Restaurant

Somehow I didn't photograph the name of the Miami kosher dairy restaurant my cousins and I ate in the Sunday I was there.  I'd appreciate if someone would add the name in the comments, thanks.

We had a lovely meal. The menu and Hechshar are posted on the window, but I can't see the name anyplace. Those who know Miami should be able to recognize it and the buildings across the way which are reflected in the window.

I had my usual Tuna Salad, which I eat out in many places.

When it's called Salad Nicoise, I just tell them to "hold the potatoes." I think that this restaurant just had "plain old tuna salad," because I don't see the hard-boiled egg you usually find in a nicoise salad.

The restaurant seemed to be one of those family-friendly ones with lots of plain tables and quick service. When my cousin didn't like her food they tried to be accommodating.  There are quite a few kosher restaurants in the area, and I trusted my relatives to choose one.  It's nice to have a choice all within a short walking distance. As I've written before, I was very surprised by the amount of  kosher stores in the Miami area.

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