Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Now That Purim is Over, Will it Rain Again?

Purim Day #2
This is how I dressed for work sans the jacket and dark glasses.
Photo by Linda Fairman
In terms of rain we've had an awful winter.

Don't let the discarded umbrellas fool you. Just because the rain-wind factor was strong enough to destroy flimsy umbrellas doesn't mean that enough rain fell on our thirsty Land.

I dumped last year's new umbrella in the trash last week after schlepping it around Jerusalem. I must have looked like some sort of nutcase as I almost wrapped the broken antique-gold colored umbrella around my face/head while walking around Jerusalem. I finally retired it to the trash. Then on Thursday I took my new one to work and promptly forgot it on the Mateh Binyamin bus. A friend called their office and promised to try to get it returned.

Maybe I should resort to the trick I used a number of years ago to make my personal effort to counteract the drought.  I just didn't get an umbrella. I decided that for the sake of our Holy Land I'd get soaked hoping that Murphy would davka convince G-d to send the rains since I was unprotected...

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Yael Shahar said...

I've found that leaving the top off my little jeep is a segula for rain. Works nearly every time (b'onoto, at least). I end up with a carpool, but it's the least I can do for our thirsty hills!