Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bus Foul-Up, It Can Happen to Anyone

I ended up taking the wrong bus #31 from Malcha yesterday.  It didn't stop at Golumb/Pat.  It didn't stop until we were at the Government Office Complex aka Kiryat Memshala. I tried to catch a #14 from there to the Katamonim, but missed it by less than a minute. So I went to the stop for the #31 in the other direction and saw I could catch a #6 to Pat/Golumb.  The bus took ages to arrive, but once it did I got to the junction pretty quickly and made my connection, but when I got to Matan it was too late to walk into the class.

Now I've learned my lesson, two lessons.

  • One is a reminder to always ask the driver. Bus routes change, and memories are faulty.
  • Everyone makes stupid mistakes. That includes me.
Considering that I got to Jerusalem safely, neither accidents nor terror attacks, and any of those really bad things could have made me late. I really enjoyed how half the bus joined in trying to suggest solutions to my travel snafu. 

I was lucky to benefit from a lull in the rain after classes to walk all the way to the center of Jerusalem.  I was even able to have my lunch in Liberty Bell Park.

On the whole it was a great day, and I'll just have to listen to a recording of the missed lesson.


LorriM. said...

Some days turn out to be unexpectedly perfect and wonderful.

Shabbat Shalom! Chag Sameach!

Batya said...

amen, there was a time I would have concentrated on the bad, but I've improved...