Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shabbat or "Any Occasion" "Hostess Gifts," Nu?

What do you give or like to receive?

When I go to the states, I try to bring something Israeli or from Shiloh, whether it's a good and interesting "framed" photo I've taken or once for my sister and brother-in-law a well-wrapped bottle of Meshek Achiya Olive Oil, which they probably enjoyed more than any of the other things I've brought them.

I've also bought necklaces for hostesses from my jeweler neighbor who makes exquisite fine jewelry.

My sister-in-law gets the cookbooks I review, which she loves. She actually follows recipes; something I don't do.

In the neighborhood I usually bring a vegetable dish, which people count on when inviting us. And there are neighbors who do the same when our guests, bringing salads, fancy fruits and other delicious healthy foods. Other guests like to bring us a good dessert, knowing that dessert is not my specialty.

There are meals we're invited to that are planned around the fact that everyone will bring something. The hosts must be well-organized to know what to request from the various guests.

We've gotten nice serving dishes, flowers and of course bottles of wine.  It's always nice to get something, and it doesn't have to be expensive.


rutimizrachi said...

My mama always taught me never to arrive empty-handed -- and the few times I have, I have felt very uncomfortable. I also don't make dessert; so I try to ask the hostess if they like wine, and if so, do they prefer dry or sweet. Sometimes I'll bring challot, but always by prior arrangement (because sometimes challah is the host or hostess' specialty. It never hurts to ask what they want.

Batya said...

Ruti, thanks, good points.

Hadassa said...

We always try to bring something local, which at the moment means something from the Shomron. I make jewelry, but I don't always give jewelry as a gift because tastes vary so much. If I know the hostess well enough I bring a few options and let her choose. We have good local wines and at one time someone in Elon Moreh had beehives and sold honey. I figured that a kilogram of honey was a nice gift and if no-one in the family liked honey they would at least appreciate the thought and pass it on as a gift.

Rose said...

Consumables are best! Hard to find a place to store that tenth candy dish.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I try to bring something Israeli when I'm abroad.
Rose, very true.