Saturday, March 22, 2014

Traif Meat Con Caught, B"H

This really gets scary when you realize how easy it is to sneak traif meat as kosher. Here's an article from the Jerusalem Kosher News:

Three tons of treif meats were apprehended, confiscated and destroyed in a joint operation involving the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and Ministry of Agriculture inspectors. The meat was apprehended in the Israeli Arab municipality of Kfar Kassam. Yassam commandos took part in the raid along with other Israel Police units.
The meat was found in a warehouse for meat distribution packed in cartons marked as kosher, intended for distribution nationwide. It is believed the cartons were collected from trash receptacles.
I have been under the impression that kosher food shouldn't be deserted, left unguarded in transport. But it seems that there are Arab trucks and truck drivers who have opportunities for these illegalities. Does anybody know more about this?

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